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Hey hey hey, how is everybody? Hope you had merry holidays.

2010, what a year it was. After much thinking, procrastinating and more thinking I decided to take a breather from my Geology/Paleontology studies and see if I could get a job as a graphic designer or illustrator. Don't get me wrong. I want to be a paleontologist, no doubt about that. It's my dream and it has always been and I will NEVER let that go. But the reality is that there really isn't much job opportunities for paleontologists in Finland, so, being illustrator has always been my plan B.
I just want to test if I'm up to doing this stuff.
During last three months I have been sending plenty of job applications, but so far no luck.
But I'm not giving up. It's not in my nature.

I have also been drawing like crazy, although you might not know it by looking at how little I have uploaded to deviantart. I just counted the pages and it seems that I filled 119 paged sketchbook in 90 days. No wonder my wrist was acting up. Most of it is just studies of humans (Anatomy, poses etc) so you probably won't find it all that interesting, hence I have not been posting that stuff here.

It has been excruciating experience trying to learn to draw humans. Why oh why didn't I draw superheroes or something when I was a teenager, why?! It would be so much easier if I had learned basics then. It has been lots of sweat, blood and tears, but I'm finally getting hang of it...I think. And it has been worth it.  I have learned so much about shading, lighting and colors etc. and it's all thanks to the fact that I decided to finally take up the long due task to learn to draw humans.
It has also been humbling experience. Especially so when I'm  browsing  deviantart and see artists that are younger than me and seem to draw humans with such a great ease and skill. I keep telling myself it's just that I lack practice and I think that it is that very thing that drives me to practice practice and practice some more.  I'm haunted by the fact that I'm not at their level even though I feel like I should. Hehe, it seems that I'm driven by envy. Rather petty isn't it.

So here we are, second day of the year 2011. it's already past 3 am. I'm not sleepy at the slightest. I think it's time to pickup my trusty 0.5 Sakura125 and start to do some drawing. It's business as usual.

May the year 2011 be just plain awesome.


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raven-amos Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011  Professional General Artist
Good luck to you on your endeavors for the new year, Ville!
Ravenfire5 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
i can relate to you on the drawing humans thing, for the longest time i only draw dragons and stuff like that and very little of humans. i'm starting to draw humans more now, but i'm still having trouble with it. i find the human body to the most complicated and frustrating thing to draw. but i figure i should know how to draw them anyway and like you said, i just need to practice at it more.
happy new year. :)
tuomaskoivurinne Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011   Traditional Artist
Happiest possible 2011, although the first days seem quite similar to 2010.
I think you're pursuing the dream of many Finnish youngers, to actually "study dinosaurs". Like you said it's a difficult area to study in Finland, but nevertheless you have gone further than most of us. And I wouldn't be surprised/wouldn't mind you being the next paleontologist who can also draw :thumbsup: Would be nice to meet you in real life this year.
Dinomaniac Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
Cheers man.

*Would be nice to meet you in real life this year.

That's a deal. And this time, if I start to slack off at arranging things you can whack me with tire iron or something.
lennan Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
Happy New Year!

Yeah, I was completely in your boat when starting to draw humans. I still try to get lots of practice in to draw people better, but soon I'm going to have to work on drawing landscapes and perspective. This is what I get for drawing animals all my young life. XD
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January 1, 2011